The leaves of different species of Cassia. It is a very old medicine, having been used by the Arabians. The plant native of Upper Egypt. It is also cultivated in India. Alexandrian Senna is most highly esteemed.

Senna Leaves are a very useful purgative, operating mildly, and yet effectually. The only inconvenience complained of in this drug is its tendency to gripe, and its sickly nauseous flavour. This may be obviated by the addition of an aromatic, as ginger, cinnamon, etcetera.; and its operation may be facilitated by drinking copiously of any warm mild diluent. The best form of administering it is that of watery infusion, two drachms being infused in 4 or 5 ounces of tepid or warm water, (it should never be boiled) to which add 3 or 4 drachms of compound tincture of cardamoms, or some aromatic, as stated before, to prevent griping. Sugar or manna, covers its taste, and makes it more agreeable to children. Dose from one to three ounces. It is often given in combination with Epsom Salt, Glauber's Salt, or Soluble Tartar. It should not be administered when irritation and fever are present, nor during pregnancy.

BLACK DRAUGHT; —Epsom Salt, 1 ounce, infusion of Senna, 11 ounce, Tincture of Senna, 1 drachm, Syrup of Ginger, drachm, Spirit of Salvolatile, A a drachm. Mix. Take according to age and constitution.— An Infusion of Senna may be taken as under :—One ounce of Senna leaves infused in a pint, or more, of tepid water; strain, and add to it one ounce of Camphor mixture, which will neutralise its griping tendency. Four table-spoonfuls of this infusion, with a tea-spoonful, or rather more of Epsom Salt, is a good purgative. ELECTUARY of SENNA.—Senna leaves, in fine powder, 4 ounces; pulp of French Prunes,; pulp of tamarinds, 2 ounces,—molasses, 1 pint; essential oil of Caraway, 2 drachms ; boil the pulps in the Syrup to the thickness of honey; then add the powder; and when the mixture cools the oil; lastly, mix the whole intimately.

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