Elettaria Cardamomum, a plant of the natural order Zingiberaccea. This is an Indian plant, rather resembling our reeds. It produces a triangular fruit, about the size of a horsebean. These fruits or pods are an elegant and useful aromatic, of a grateful smell and flavour, very warm, yet not fiery like pepper. They strengthen the stomach and promote digestion. They are good for the headache, arising from a billious affection, and they also relieve the colic. Sonic dyspeptics regularly chew them, and they are not disagreeable. The large Cardamom, or Grain of Paradise is an excellent tonic.
Tincture of Cardamom
  • Fresh leaves of Balm, 8 ounces;
  • Three ounces of the seeds
  • proof spirit, two pints
  • Bruise the seeds, and digest for 8 days

    Compound Tincture of Cardamoms
  • Lesser Cardamom seeds powdered
  • Caraway seeds powdered, two drachms
  • Cochineal powdered, two drachms
  • Cinnamon bruised, half an ounce
  • raisins stoned, four ounces
  • proof spirit, two pints
  • Digest for 14 days, and strain

    Dose of the Tincture, two to three drachms , and of the Compound Tincture from three drachms to half an ounce. In dyspeptic habits, half a glass taken before dinner serves to rouse the nerves of the stomach, and to aid digestion.

    Some make tea of it combined with Hyssop, and Blackberry-leaves, which very much resembles that from China.
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