This site is an online encyclopedia about the medicinal uses of plants and herbs. It lists hundreds of different herbs and plants by their common names and then provides a short description of each plant and its reputed medicinal uses.

The information on this site was scanned from a book called “The family Herbal” which was printed some time in the 1800s. It represents the best information available at the time concerning the medicinal use of herbs. The herbal remedies on this site are reprinted from the original herbal and for the most part have not been updated.

Information the traditional uses and folklore concerning herbs and plants is interesting and useful for many reasons. As an historical document, it casts light on how our ancestors lived and the types of cures and natural remedies they believed to be effective. It is also a starting point for anyone interested in learning more about plants and their many uses.

When reading any of the information on this site keep in mind that it is out of date by over 200 years. Just as no one in his right mind would want to be treated by a doctor whose medical knowledge was 200 years out of date, you should not rely on any of the advice or recommendations on this website. The text is derived almost verbatim from the original textbook, and therefore reflects the imperfect medical knowledge of the times. Even when the text on this site appears to recommend using a specific plant or herb as a natural remedy or cure for a specific condition, you must keep in mind that the site simply reproduced the original text for the sae of historical accuracy. The publisher and or owner of this website in no way recommends that you follow any advice, instructions or recommendations concerning the use of any plant, herb, medicine, tincture, decoction, recipe, or the like. Nothing on this site is intended to treat, diagnose any medical condition.

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