Antirrhinon Linarium. This weed is reckoned by some to be poisonous; yet it is very useful. Common Flax-weed has various stalks, abounding with long and narrow ash-coloured leaves, and from the middle of them almost up­ward, stored with a number of pale yellow flowers, of a strong unpleasant scent, with deeper yellow mouths, and blackish flat seed in round heads. The root is a little woody, and white, especially the main down right one, with many fibres, abiding many years, shooting forth roots every way round about, and new branches every year. It grows on dry banks, by the way­sides, in meadows, by hedge-sides, and upon borders of fields. It flowers in Summer. See also: Flax

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Flax Weed:

The tops are used fresh gathered, or the whole herb dried. An infusion is very good against jaundice, and to remove by urine, those watery humours which cause dropsy. A decoction of both leaves and flowers, is rather purgative, and tends to the removal of obstructions of the liver. The herb distilled answers the same purpose. It is very effectual if a little Peruvian Bark, or Solution of Quinine, and a little Cinnamon, be combined with it. The juice of the herb, or the distilled water, is a good remedy for inflammation of the eyes. A fine cooling ointment is made by boiling the fresh plant chopped in lard, till it be crisp — strain, and you will have a fine green ointment good for sores, ulcers, cancers. etcetera.

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