Ointments are made thus : Bruise those herbs, flowers, or roots, you will make an ointment of, and to two handfuls of your bruised herbs add a pound of hog's lard, beat them well together in a stone mortar, then put it into a stone pot, cover it with a paper ; and set it either in the sun, orsome other warm place, three, four, or five days, that it may melt ; then take it out and boil it a little, and while hot strain it out, pressing it very hard in a press ; to this composition add as many more herbs bruised as before, let them stand in like manner as long, then boil them as before. If the ointment is not strong enough you may do it the third and fourth time ; for the fuller of juice the herbs are, the sooner will your ointment be strong : the last time you boil it, boil it so long till your herbs be crisp, and the juice consumed, then strain it, pressing it hard in a press, and to every pound of oint­ment add two ounces of turpentine, and as much wax, because grease is offensive to wounds, as well as oil.
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This page and the rest of the encyclopedia of medicinal herbs was reproduced from old herbals written in the 1700 and 1800s. They are of historical interest to show the traditional uses of various herbs based on folk medicine and ancient wisdom. However the traditional uses for these herbs have not been confirmed by medical science and in some cases may actually be dangerous. Do not use the these herbs for any use, medicinal or otherwise, without first consulting a qualified doctor.

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