Foreign. The berries of the Coffee Arabicus. It is a tonic and stimulant, and possesses exhilerant and antisoporific properties. It is good in cases of poisoning by opium and laudanum. It is good for hooping-cough and asthma. It is not suitable where there is a profuse secretion of bile, as it stimulates the system too much.


Coffee is far more nutritious than tea. Coffee should be used freshly ground, infused in boiling, and never boiled. It assists digestion, expels wind, and gently promotes urine. It suspends the inclination to sleep, especially when taken at night. It is a first-rate disinfectant. Even the smell of musk and castor, which cannot be overpowered by any other substance, is completely dispelled by the fumes of Coffee the same remark applies to the odour of assafoetida.
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