Foreign. This valuable oil is obtained from the seeds of a tree called Palma Christi—Ricini Communis. It is the mildest, safest, and most certain purgative known, seldom griping, or causing flatulency.

Castor Oil
In most persons it acts quickly, without pain, clears the bowels, leaves them with a greater tendency to relaxation than before, and does not require the dose to be increased in consequence of repetition. With most purgatives, the immediate effect is followed by constipation; it is not so with Castor Oil. The usual dose for children is 1 to 2 drachms ; for adults from a ounce to 2 ounces. The great objection to Castor Oil, its sickly nauseousness has produced many modes of taking it:— floated in brandy and water, barley-water, etcetera. etcetera. But perhaps the simplest way is to take it in a small quantity of Oat-meal and water—the meal neutralizes the taste.
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