Reseda Luteola. The winter rocket is a different plant from the rocket salad. It has rather large sad green leaves lying upon the ground, torn or cut in various parts, like Rocket or turnip leaves, with smaller pieces next the bottom, and broad at the ends, which abide all Winter, from which rise up several small round stalks, full of branches, bearing many small yellow flowers of four leaves a-piece, after which come small pods, with reddish seed in them. The root is rather stringy. It grows in gardens and fields, and by the way-sides.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Winter Rocket:

It provokes urine, helps strangury, and expels gravel and the stone. It is good for the scurvy, and found by experience to be a singular good wound herb to cleanse inward wounds; the juice or decoction being drank, or outwardly applied to wash them, will prevent dead flesh from growing, and heal them by astringency.

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