—Reseda Sativa.—The Garden-Rocket being rather used as a salad herb than for any medicinal purpose, I shall speak of the common wild Rocket only. The common wild Rocket has longer and narrower leaves, more divided into slender cuts and jags on both sides the middle rib than the gar­den kinds have; of a sad green colour, from which rise divers stalks two or three feet high, sometimes set with the like leaves, but smaller upwards, branched from the middle into several stiff stalks, bearing yellow flowers, of four leaves each, as the others are, which afterwards yield small reddish seed, in small long pods, of a more bitter and hot biting taste than the garden kinds, as the leaves are also.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Rocket Salad:

—The Garden rocket works by urine, and is good against the scurvy. The wild Rockets should not be used alone. A decoction sweetened promotes digestion, and relieves cough, and destroys worms in children. An infusion of the leaves made into a syrup causes expectoration, and relieves cough and difficult breathing, The seed mixed with honey, and used on the face, cleanses the skin from morphew, and used with vinegar, takes away freckles and redness in the face, or other parts.
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