Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Fennel:


One good old custom is not yet left off, viz. to boil Fennel with fish, for it consumes that phlegmatic humour, which fish copiously produces, though few know why they use it. Fennel is an expellant of wind. It is a good diuretic, and remedy for gravel and urinary diseases. The leaves or seeds boiled in barley water and drunk, are good for nurses, to increase their milk, and snake it more wholesome for the child.


The leaves or seeds boiled in water, stay hiccough, and remove nausea and heat of the stomach. The seed boiled in wine is good for those who have eaten poisonous herbs, or mushrooms. The seeds and the roots open obstructions of the liver, spleen and gall, and are good in the yellow jaundice. The seed is good in medicines for shortness of breath, and wheezing. It promotes the flow of the menses. The whole plant is a remedy for obesity, or over-fatness. The juice dropped into the eyes, cleanses them from mists and films that hinder the sight. The Sweet Fennel is much weaker in physical uses than the Common Fennel. The Wild Fennel is stronger and hotter than the Tame, and therefore most powerful against the stone, but not so effectual to increase milk, because of its dryness.

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