Hippomarathrum. The common Sow-Fennel has several branched stalks of thick and long leaves, about three joined at a place, among which arises a crested straight stalk, less than Fennel, with some joints and leaves thereon, and towards the tops some branches. On the tops of the stalks and branches, are large clusters of yellow flowers; the seed is oblong and flat. At the top of the root is a tuft of hairy matter, made up of the fibres of decayed leaves, which has a singular appearance.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Hog's Fennel:

The juice of Sow-Fennel (say Dioscorides and Galen) used with vinegar and rose-water, and put to the nose, benefits persons troubled with lethargy, giddiness of the head, the falling sickness, inveterate head-ache, sciatica, and cramp, and all diseases of the sinews, used with oil and vinegar. The juice mixed with wine, or egg, is good for a cough, shortness of breath, and flatulency. It purges gently. A little of the juice dissolved in wine, and dropped into the ears, or put into a hollow tooth, removes the pain. It removes the hardness of the spleen. The powdered root mixed with lard is a good salve for green wounds

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