Fillipendula Spiraea. It is called Drop-wort, because it relieves those who may void urine by drops. It has many leaves, different sizes, dented at the edges, a little like Wild Tansy, or Agrimony. From them one or two stems arise two or three feet high, with leaves growing thereon, some­times branching out and spreading at the top into white sweet-smelling flowers, having five leaves each, with threads in the middle of them standing together, in an umbel. The seeds are flattish, and grow several together. The root is composed of a great number of black tubers, united by filaments. It grows in the corners of dry fields, and hedge sides. It flowers at the end of June.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Drop Wort:

The root is the part most used. It relieves fits of the gravel, for it is a powerful diuretic. For this purpose the juice must be given, or a strong decoction of the fresh root. It is a gentle and safe astringent, and is excellent for the whites or for purgings. All pains of the bladder and kidneys will be relieved by it. The root powdered, and made into an electuary with honey, reduces fullness of the stomach, arising from flatulency. It is beneficial in diseases of the lungs, shortness of breath, wheezing, hoarseness, and coughs. It is a capital expectorant.

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