Poultices the Latins call Cataplasmata ; now sometimescalled Cataplasms. They are made of herbs and roots, fitted for the disease to which you are liable ; they are to be chopped small, and boiled in water almost to a jelly ; then adding a little barley-meal, or oatmeal, and a little oil, or rough sweet suet, spread upon a cloth and applied to the affected place.Their use is to ease pain, to break sores, to cool inflamma­tions, to dissolve hardness, to ease the spleen, to concoct humours and dissipate swellings. Use no poultices that are of a healing nature, before you have first cleansed the body, because they are subject to draw the humours to them from every part of the body.

They are made thus : Take two drachms of fine gum traga­canth ; put it into a gallipot, and put half a quarter of a pint of any distilled water fitting for the purpose you would make your troches for, to cover it, let it remain ten hours, till it be­comes a mucilage. With this you may make a powder into a paste, and that paste into a cake called troches. Dry them in the shade, and keep them in a pot for your use.

The video below illustrated how to make a garlic poultice:

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