Tobacco is manufactured from the dried leaves of the Nicetiana Tabacum, a native of the Southern states of America. It is a deadly narcotic, especially the oil, so much of which is absorbed by the pipe in smoking. Its effect on the system is that of a narcotic and sedative, producing sickness, and depressing the action of the heart; it is slightly diuretic, and anti­spasmodic; in over-doses it produces convulsions, which are likely to terminate in death.

Like many other poisons, Tobacco is used medicinally. The American Indians bind the leaves on the bite of the Rattle-snake and cure it. And the bite of a mad dog has been cured by the application of a thick poultice of Tobacco. It has been given to relax the muscular system in colic, constipation, and hernia, and by enema to relieve spasmodic constriction of the bowels. But it is far too dangerous for domestic use.

I hesitate not to say that Tobacco has killed thousands. In some it promotes rapid digestion, forcing the food down faster than it can he disposed of. In others causing " shameful spitting," gradually wasting the frame, or disposing it to those diseases which terminate in death. In some it affects the brain, and renders the person liable to apoplexy. In short, its evil in­fluences are many and great. In others it produces disorder and extreme irritation of the digestive organs, often attended with extreme nervous irritability. The lips of smokers are very liable to cancer, and its injury to the teeth is notorious. Smokers too are very liable to diseases of the throat and air-passages, laryngeal phthisis and bronchitis.

Snuff is even worse than Tobacco; for it often is a combination of the rankest poisons with the powdered leaves of Tobacco.

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