—Perfoliata.— It is sometimes called Through Leaf. It is a beautiful wild plant growing among corn, distinguished by the stalk growing through the leaves, three feet high. The stalk is round, firm, erect, whitish, and branching at the top. The leaves are broad and oval; the stem runs through them toward the bottom; for they have no footstalks, and they surround it in their largest part ending in a blunt point; of a bluish green colour, unindented. The flowers are small and yellow, in clusters with a parcel of small leaves under them. The root is white, oblong, and slender. It flowers in July.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Through Wax:

Thorough-Wax is useful for bruises and wounds, either inward or outward, if the decoction of the herb with water and wine be drank, and the place washed with it, or the juice of the green herb bruised, made into an ointment. The decoction of the herb, or powder of the dried herb, taken inwardly, or the leaves bruised, and applied outwardly, is good for all ruptures, especially in children. If the navels of children project, the juice mixed with flour, and a little wax, cures them.
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