Datura Stramonium.—It is a native of America; but is now cultivated in this country, on account of its beauty. It grows three feet high. The leaves are much toothed, of a light green; the flowers are white and trumpet- shaped. The fruit is of the size of a wall-nut, covered with prickles or thorns, hence its name.

The leaves, stems, fruit, and seeds are cut up together and sold for smoking to afford relief in Spasmodic Asthma which it certainly does. For this purpose it is used in Ceylon, and the poorer Turks use it instead of Opium. It acts as a sedative upon the mucus membrane, and promotes the secretion of the mucus; it allays the spasmodic symptoms attendant on the paroxysms of asthma and respiration proceeds in a calm mid undisturbed manner. A little only should be smoked at the first and gradually increased. Its internal use is very dangerous; for it is very stimulant and narcotic,---a deadly poison, exercising much the same influence as belladonna

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