—Carlina Vulgaris.—It is also called Cotton Thistle. It has many large leaves lying upon the ground, in­dented and crumpled on the edges, of a green colour on the upper side, but covered over with long hairy wool, or cotton down, set with very sharp prickles : from the middle of whose heads of flowers come many purplish crimson threads, and some­times white, but seldom. The seed in these white downy heads, is large and round, resembling the seed of Lady's Thistle, but paler. The root is large, thick, and spreading much. It grows on ditch-banks, and in corn-fields and highways.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Thistle (Woollen Thistle):

Dioscorides and Pliny write, that the leaves and roots taken in think, cure stiff neck. Galen sad s that the roots and leaves are good for such persons that hare their bodies drawn together by spasm or convulsion, or other infirmities; as the rickets in children, a disease that hinders their growth, by binding their nerves, ligaments, etcetera. It is good also in nervous complaints
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