—Athamanticum Meum.—The roots spread deep in the ground, many fibres growing from one bead, which is hairy at the top, of a blackish brown colour on the outside, and white within, fragrant, and of an aromatic taste, from whence arise long stalks of fine cut leaves, like hair, smaller than dill, set thick on both sides of the stalks, and of a good scent. From these leaves rise up round stiff stalks, with a few joints, and leaves, and at each top, an umbel of pure white flowers; the edges tinted with a reddish blue, especially before full blown. The seeds are brown. It grows wild, and is planted in gardens.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Spignel:

—Galen says the roots of Spignel provoke urine and women's courses; but if too much be taken, it causes headache. The root boiled in wine or water, cures stoppage of urine, expels wind, allays swellings and pains in the stomach, and joint-aches. If the powder of the root be mixed with honey, it breaks tough phlegm, and dries up rheum that falls on the lungs. It strengthens the stomach, creates an appetite, and removes colic.
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