Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Sow Thistle:

—Sow Thistles are cooling, binding, and very fit to cool a hot stomach, and ease its pains. The herb boiled in wine arrests decay in the stomach, and the milk taken from the stalks given in drink relieves those that are short winded, and have a wheezing. Pliny says it has caused the gravel and stone to be voided by urine, and the eating of it cures a foetid breath. The decoction of the leaves and stalks causes abundance of milk in nurses, and their children to be well-coloured. The juice or distilled water is good for inflammations, eruptions, or heat in the skin, or itching of the haemorrhoids. The juice thoroughly heated in a little oil of bitter almonds in the peel of a pomegranate, and dropped into the ears, is a sure remedy for deafness, singing, etcetera. Three spoonfuls of the juice warmed in white wine, causes women to have an easy and speedy delivery, so that they are able to walk presently after. It is good for women to wash their faces with, to clear the skin and give it lustre.
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This page and the rest of the encyclopedia of medicinal herbs was reproduced from old herbals written in the 1700 and 1800s. They are of historical interest to show the traditional uses of various herbs based on folk medicine and ancient wisdom. However the traditional uses for these herbs have not been confirmed by medical science and in some cases may actually be dangerous. Do not use the these herbs for any use, medicinal or otherwise, without first consulting a qualified doctor.

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