-Cochlearia Officinalis.-English Scurvy- grass has many thick flat oblong leaves, smooth on the edges, and sometimes a little waved; sometimes plain, smooth and pointed, of a sad green, and sometimes a bluish colour, each standing by itself upon a long foot-stalk, brownish or greenish also, from which arise many slender stalks, bearing few leaves but longer and less than those near the root. The flowers stand at the tops of the stalks in little clusters; they are white, small, and bright. They are succeeded by short roundish, seed vessels. The root is white and fibrous. It grows wild on the sea coast, and also in gardens. It flowers in April and May.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Scurvy Grass:

—The plant possesses antiscorbutic and diuretic properties. It has wonderful efficacy to cleanse the blood, liver, and spleen. The juice, for this purpose, taken in Spring, every morning fasting, will answer this purpose. The decoction has the same effect; it opens obstructions, evacuates cold, clammy and phlegmatic humours from the liver and spleen, and restores the body to a more lively colour. Scurvy- grass is considered a good wash for the mouth and gums in scurvy. It may be mixed with Seville Orange juice to make it more agreeable.
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