Saluria Hortensis.—There are two kinds, Winter and Summer Savory. It is well known as a kitchen garden plant.

It is a sovereign remedy for the colic, and the Iliac Passign; keep it by you all the year, keep it dry, make conserves and syrups of it for your use, and take notice that the Summer kind is the best. They are both of them hot and dry, especially the Summer kind, which is sharp in taste, expelling wind from the stomach and bowels. It is very beneficial to take during pregnancy. It is a good expectorant, re­moving tough phlegm from the chest, and improving the breathing. The juice dropped into the eyes, removes dimness of sight, if it proceed from thin cold humours distilled from the brain. The juice heated with oil of Roses, and dropped into the ears, removes noise and singing, and deafness. Outwardly applied with wheat flour, like a poultice, it gives case to them. It also takes away the pain that comes by stinging of bees, wasps

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