— Salvia Agrestis. —It is also called Wood Germander. It rises up with square hoary stalks, two feet high, with two leaves at every joint, like other Sage leaves, but smaller, softer, whiter and rounder, and a little dented about the edges, and smelling rather stronger. At the tops of the stalks and branches stand the flowers, on a slender large spike, turning all one way when they blow, and are of a pale and whitish colour, smaller than Sage, but hooded and gaping like them. The seed is blackish and round; the root is long and stringy. It grows in woods and by wood sides, and in bye lanes.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Sage Wood:

—The decoction of Wood Sage promotes the flow of urine, and perspiration, and reduces swellings in the flesh. The decoction of the green herb, made with wine, is a safe and sure remedy for those who by falls, bruises, or blows, suspect some vein to be inwardly broken, to disperse and void the congealed blood, and consolidate the veins. The juice of the herb, or the powder dried, is good for moist ulcers and sores, to dry them and cause them to heal more speedily. It is no less effectual in green wounds.
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