Rye is one of the cereals whose cultivation has been a great blessing to man. Its botanical name is Secale Cereale. It produces a nutritious flour having less bran and more farina than wheat has though darker in colour. It is not so nutritious as wheat, but it is easier to digest, and it slightly promotes the action of the bowels. It makes excellent poultices for imposthumes, boils, and other swellings. Rye-meal moistened with vinegar, placed between a cloth, and well heated in an oven, and applied to the head, very much relieves its pains. Ergot of Rye, or the Spurred Rye, is a diseased production which grows on the ear of Rye. It is of a poisonous nature. This substance has however been employed as a child-bed remedy. Its great influence over the uterine system is undoubted. It is the only medicine now employed as an exeitent of the womb, or to rouse the energies of that organ in cases of lingering labour. Dose from five to twenty-five grains in powder. It is good also for Leucorrhaea. Matthiolus says that the ashes of Rye straw steeped in water twenty-four hours, will cure chapped hands.


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