Ruta Pratense.-It is also called Spurious Rhubarb, or Rue-Weed. Meadow Rue rises from a yellow stringy root, much spreading in the ground, shooting new sprouts round about, with many green stalks, two feet high,' crested all the length of them, set with joints, with many large leaves on them, above as well as below, divided into smaller leaves, dented in the forepart of them, of a red green colour on the upper side, and pale green underneath; at the top of the stalk the branches have two, three, or four small heads or buttons, which eventually shoot forth a tuft of pale greenish yellow threads, which falling away, small three-cornered pods succeed, containing small, long and round seed. The plant has a strong unpleasant scent. It grows in the borders of moist meadows, and ditch-sides, and flowers in July and August.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Meadow Rue:

Dioscorides says, that this herb bruised and applied, perfectly heals old sores, and so does distilled water of the herb and flowers. It is used by some among other pot herbs to open the body; but the roots washed clean, and boiled in ale and drank, purge more than the leaves, yet very gently. The root boiled in water, and the parts of the body troubled with vermin and lice, washed therewith while it is warm, destroys them utterly.

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