—Rosmarinus.—It is too well known to need description.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Rosemary:

The flowers and tops are used medicinally. They contain a fragrant volatile oil, which is stimnlant, antispasmodic, and carminative. It is an agreeable addition to more active medicines. The dose of this oil is from 2 to 3 drops as a carminative. The oil may be added to liniments, as a fragrant stimulant.

A spirit of Rosemary is made, which may be used as an antispasmodic in doses of 30 drops, in water, or on sugar. If the flowery tops of Rosemary are used as a tea, they are excellent against headache, tremblings of the limbs, and all nervous disorders. A conserve made of the same has similar power. Beat up the fresh gathered tops with three times their weight of sugar. A strong decoction applied to the temples removes fainting, and taken inwardly, it expels wind, and strengthens the stomach. It tends to enliven the whole frame.

It removes obstructions of the liver, and promotes digestion. It is very good against the jaundice. The leaves and flowers burnt are a good disinfectant. Both the flowers and leaves are good against the whites, if they be daily taken. Smoking the dried leaves shred, like tobacco, is a remedy for cough, phthisic, or consumption, by warming and drying the thin distillations which cause those diseases. The leaves make a good fomentation, made into ointment, or oil, for cold benumbed joints, sinews, or members, which are much relieved thereby.

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This page and the rest of the encyclopedia of medicinal herbs was reproduced from old herbals written in the 1700 and 1800s. They are of historical interest to show the traditional uses of various herbs based on folk medicine and ancient wisdom. However the traditional uses for these herbs have not been confirmed by medical science and in some cases may actually be dangerous. Do not use the these herbs for any use, medicinal or otherwise, without first consulting a qualified doctor.

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