--Drosera Anglica. It is also called Red-rot, and Youth wort. It has various small, round, hollow leaves, rather greenish, but full of certain red hairs, which make them seem red, each standing upon its own foot-stalk, reddish and hairy. The leaves are moist in the hottest day. Among these leaves rise up slender stalks, reddish also, three or four fingers high, bearing small white knobs or flowers one above another, after which in the heads are contained small seeds. The root is a few small hairs. It grows in bogs and wet places, and sometimes in moist woods.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Rosa Solis or Sun Dew:

Rosa Solis is good for those that have a salt rheum distilling on the lungs, which induces consumption, and therefore the distilled water in wine, is fit for such to drink. The same water is held to be good for all diseases of the lungs, asphthisic, wheezings, shortness of breath, or cough; and also to heal ulcers in the lungs; and it is good for nervous fainting spirits. The leaves outwardly applied to the skin, will raise blisters, which has caused some to think it dangerous to be taken inwardly; but many things will draw blisters, yet are not dangerous to be taken inwardly. It is reckoned a great cordial, good against convulsions, hysteric disorders, and trembling of the limbs.
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