Oryza Sativa.—This is a tropical plant, and it is well-known. As an article of food, Rice is very nutritious, easily digested, and therefore suitable for delicate stomachs. As it has no laxative effect, it is very suitable for those persons who have tender bowels. Rice water is good for those whose stomach and bowels are subject to irritation. It should he made in the same way as Barley-water; a little sugar and lemon-peel may be added to improve the flavour, and a little isinglass to render it more astringent. When intended to correct relaxed bowels, it should be used ground. It is not so nutritious as wheat, etcetera., yet it affords sustenance to about three-fourths of the inhabitants of the globe. It should always be well-cooked, otherwise it will not be so digestible. The property of Rice, intending to confine the bowels, renders it a valuable food for sick persons so requiring it. For young persons and invalids, nothing is so good as puddings made of Rice. Softened, and then boiled in milk, and sweetened, it is very agreeable.


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