Ligustrum Vulgare. A little wild shrub in hedges. It grows four feet high. The flowers are small and white. The fruit is a black berry. But it is well known as it frequently forms a beautiful hedge.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Privet:

The tops are used; and they are best when the flowers are in bud. Matthiolus says, that the oil made of the flowers of Privet infused, and set in the sun, is good for inflammations of wounds and headache coming of a hot cause. There is a sweet water also distilled from the flowers, that is good for all those diseases that need cooling or drying. A strong infusion of the tops in water, with the addition of a little honey and wine, make an excellent wash for the month, and throat when there are little sores in them, and when the gums arc apt to bleed. It is a good wash for all sores.

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