—Vinca Minor.—There are two kinds, the Garden and the common. The common has many branches running upon the ground, shooting out small fibres at the joints as it runs, rooting thereby in the ground. At the joints of these branches stand two small dark green shining leaves, somewhat like bay leaves but smaller, and with them come forth the flowers, (one at a joint) standing upon a tender foot- stalk, somewhat long and hollow, parted at the brims, into four or five leaves. The common sorts are of a pale blue colour : some are pure white, and some of a dark reddish purple colour. The root creeps, and spreads rapidly. Those with pale blue, and those with white flowers, grow in woods and orchards, by the hedge-sides, but the purple-flowered in gardens only. They flower in March and April.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Periwinkle:

- The Periwinkle is a great binder, stays bleeding at the mouth and nose, if some of the leaves be chewed. The French use it to stay women's courses. Dioscorides, Galen and AEgineta commend it against fluxes, to be drank in wine. It is a remedy for bleeding piles, the leaves bruised and made into an ointment, with lard.
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