—Lepidium Campestre.—It derives its name from the biting taste of its leaves and root. Pepperwort puts forth somewhat long and broad leaves, of a light bluish greenish colour, finely dented about the edges, and pointed at the ends, standing upon round hard stalks, three or four feet high, spreading many branches on all sides, and having many small white flowers at the tops of them, after which follow small seeds in small heads. The root is slender, running much under ground, and shooting up again in many places. It is common in corn­fields, and sometimes it is cultivated in gardens. It flowers in June and July.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Pepperwort:

—Pliny and Paulus AEgineta say, that Pepperwort is very successful for sciatica, for gout or pain in the joints; the leaves to be bruised, and mixed with lard and applied to the place for four hours in men, and two hours in women, the place being afterwards bathed with wine and oil mixed together, and then wrapped up with wool or skins, after they have sweat a little. It also mends the deformities or discolourings of the skin. The seeds are very effectual in warming cold phlegmatic constitutions.
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