—Parietaria Officinalis.—This plant is generally known where there are any old walls or ancient ruins. It rises with brownish, tender, weak, and almost transparent stalks, two feet high, upon which grow at the joints two leaves rather broad and long, of a dark green colour, rough and hairy, as the stalks are also. At the joints from the middle of the stalk upwards, where it spreads into branches, stand many small, pale purplish flowers, in hairy rough heads, after which come small, black, rough seed, which will stick to any garment that shall touch it. The root is rather long, with small fibres of a dark reddish colour.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Pellitory of the Wall:

—The dried herb Pellitory made into an electuary with honey, or the juice of the herb, or a decoction made with sugar or honey, is a singular remedy for an old or dry cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing. Three ounces of the juice taken at a time promotes urine, and cures gravelly affections. It is combined with other herbs used in clysters to mitigate pains in the back, sides, or bowels, produced by wind. If the bruised herb, sprinkled with some muscadel, be heated, and applied to the belly, it has the same effect. A decoction with a little honey, is good to gargle a sore throat. The juice held a while in the mouth, cures the toothache. The juice dropped into the ears takes away pricking and shooting pains. The distilled water reduces hot and swelling imposthumes, burns and scalds; being bathed often with cloth dipped there­in. The powdered herb mixed with lard, and applied to the fundament, is a remedy for the piles. The juice is very effectual to cleanse fistulas, and to heal them, or the herb bruised, and applied with a little salt. It is curative of green wounds, if applied for three days. A poultice made of it, bran, bean- meal, wine, and oil, and applied warm to any bruise, soon removes the pains, and effects a cure. The juice of Pellitory of the Wall boiled to syrup with honey, and a spoonful of it drank every morning; and continuing to do so for a week, is a safe and certain cure for dropsy.
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