Vaccae Pastanaca. It is a very different plant from the former. It grows with three or four large spread-winged, rough leaves, lying often on the ground, or raised a little from it, with long, round hairy foot-stalks under them, in five divisions, the two couple standing each against the other; and one at the end, and each being almost round, yet much indented at the edges in some leaves, but not so deep in others, of a whitish green colour, smelling strongly; from which springs a round, crusted, hairy stalk, two or three feet high, with a few joints and leaves thereon, and branched at the top, where stand large umbels of white, sometimes reddish flowers, and after them whitish winged seeds, two always joined together. The root is long and white, with two or three long strings growing down into the ground, smelling unpleasant. It grows in moist meadows, near ditches, and field corners.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Parsnip (Cow Parsnip):

The seed, Galen says, is of a sharp and cutting quality, a fit medicine for a cough and shortness of breath, the falling-sickness and jaundice. The root is available to all these purposes, and of great use to take away the hard skin that grows on a fistula, if it be but scraped upon it.

The decoction of the seed cleanses the chest from tough phlegm, eases them that are liver-grown. The seed and root boiled in oil, and the head rubbed therewith, cures those who have fallen into a frenzy, legthargy, and drowsiness. It relieves the head ache, if it be used with rue. It helps also the running scab and the shingles. The juice of the flowers dropped into the ears that run and are full of matter, cleanses and heals them.

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