The root of the Cissampelos Pareira, a plant growing in the West Indies, and in South America. It has a bitterish sweet taste, and is tonic, diuretic, and aperient. It is highly valued by the inhabitants of Brazil, etcetera. They use a decoction of it for pains and weakness of the stomach arising from general debility. It is of great service in urinary disorders, on account of its tonic influence upon the bladder. It has been found very serviceable in ulceration of the kidneys and bladder.

Dr. Graham in his " Domestic Medicine," says, " One of the most prominent symptoms of chronic inflammation of the bladder is an abundant discharge of a ropy adhesive alkaline mucus, and we have Sir B. Brodie's testimony to the fact that the use of the decoction of the root of the Pareira Brava is here frequently productive of excellent effects."

"The decoction is prepared by simmering 4 ounces of the root in 3 pints of water, until it is reduced to 2 pints, and then strain. The dose is a small tea-cupful, (about 4 ounces) twice or thrice a day. A little tincture of Henbane may sometimes be advantageously combined with it."

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