Lactuca Virum.—It is found in many parts of Britain, in hedges. It resembles the Garden Lettuce in its flowers, though not in the manner of its growth. It rises four or five feet, and has three different kinds of leaves. They are very large, a foot long, and five inches broad, of a pale green colour. Those proceeding from the root are slightly toothed; those from the stem are cut into pinnated lobes; and those attached to the flower-stalks are arrow-shaped, pointed entire, and minute. The flowers are pale yellow.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Lettuce (Wild):

—An extract prepared from the ex­pressed juice of the leaves; gathered when in flower, in small doses is good in dropsy; two grains at first, twice a day, and gradually increased till two scruples, or more, are given daily. dropsies of long standing, proceeding from visceral obstruc­tions, it has been given to the extent of half an ounce a day. A syrup made from a strong infusion of it, is a good anodyne; it eases the most violent pain in coJics, and other disorders, and gently disposes to sleep. It is said to agree with the sto­mach, to quench thirst, to be gently aperient, very diuretic, and rather diaphoretic. Plentiful dilution must be allowed during its operation. Dr. Cullen, of Vienna, asserts that out of 24 dropsical patients, all but one were cured by this medicine.
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