—Plumbago Europe—This is a small garden plant, growing two feet high. The stalks are slender, tough, yet weak, not able to support themselves. The leaves are a pale bluish green colour, oblong, but not broad, growing round the base of the stalk. The flowers are red, very small, in thick oblong clusters, standing on the tops of the stalks.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Lead Wort:

—Every part of this plant is acid, particularly the root; which when chewed excites a flow of saliva, and it has been recommended for toothache. Slightly boiled in Olive oil it is a successful application for the itch, old ulcers, and even cancers. It is excellent for headache. It is more acrid and fiery than even Pelitory of Spain. It makes a first rate rubefacient for pained limbs.
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