Cynoglossus Vulgaris.—The great Hound's tongue, or Dog's Tongue, has a disagreeable scent, resembling that of mice. The great ordinary Hound's Tongue has many long, and narrow, soft, hairy, darkish green leaves lying on the ground, resembling Bugloss leaves, from which rises a rough hairy stalk, two feet high, with smaller leaves thereon, and branched at the tops into several parts, with a small leaf at the foot of every branch, somewhat long, with many flowers set along the same; they are small, and of a deep purple. It has some­times a white flower. The seeds are rough, fiat, with a small point in the middle, easily cleaving to any garment. The root is black, thick, and long, hard to break, and full of clammy juice. It grows in moist places, in waste grounds, and untilled places, by highway-sides, lanes, and hedge-sides. It flowers about May or June.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Hound's Tongue:

The root is principally used, and is very effectual in pills, as well as the decoction, to stay all sharp and thin humours from the head into the eyes or nose, or upon the stomach or lungs, and for coughs, and shortness of breath. The leaves boiled in wine are good for purgings, retchings, and violent pains in the stomach and intestines. The decoction relieves the piles, and stops their bleeding. The leaves bruised, or the juice boiled in lard, and applied, stops falling away of the hair. The root baked under the embers, wrapped in a wet double cloth, and applied to the fundament, effectually relieves piles. An ointment made of the leaves with honey and turpentine, makes an excellent ointment for dressing old ulcers, sores, etcetera. Let the decoction be drank freely at the same time. I cured the biting of a mad dog with this only medicine.
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