Hippurus. There are many kinds of this plant. As it rises up, it has heads like those of asparagus, which grow to be hard, rough, hollow stalks jointed at various places up to the top, a foot high, as if the lower parts were put into the upper, where grow on each side a bush of small long rush-like hard leaves, each part resembling a horse-tail, from whence it is so called. At the tops of the stalks come forth small catkins, like those of trees. The root creepeth. It grows in wet grounds. They spring up in April, and produce catkins in July.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Horsetail:

Horsetail, the smooth rather than the rough, and the leaved rather than the bare, is most medicinal. The juice or decoction is very powerful to staunch bleeding either inward or outward, or the juice or distilled water applied outwardly. It is astringent, and restrains bloody flux, and bloody urine; and it heals inward and outward ulcers, excoriation of the entrails, bladder, etcetera. and soon closes and heals green wounds. The decoction in wine is diuretic and relieves the stone and stranguary. A small quantity of the distilled water drunk two or three times a day, eases and strengthens the intestines. A drachm of the dried leaves powdered taken three or four times a day, is very effectual in spitting of blood.
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