Cochlearia Armoracea.—It is well known. It belongs to the Scurvy-grass tribe of plants.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Horseraddish:

It is a powerful stimulant, whether taken inwardly, or applied outwardly. A poultice of the scraped root serves instead of a Mustard plaister. Its therapeutic effects are, diuretic, emetic, sudorific, and stimulant. It is chiefly administered in paralytic affections, and chronic rheumatism, and in scurvy.

As it operates powerfully by urine it is good for the jaundice and dropsy. The decoction is a great purifier of the blood. It destroys worms in children etcetera. The root bruised and applied to any part affected with sciatica, joint-ache, etcetera. or to hard liver and spleen, gives great relief.

Dr. Cullen says, " I have found that one drachm of the root fresh scraped down was sufficient for four ounces of water, to be infused two hours in a close vessel, and made into syrup with double its weight in sugar. A teaspoonful or two, occasionally repeated, and swallowed leisurely, is very effectual in hoarseness. As a condiment, it stimulates the stomach, and promotes digestion. I have known a strong decoction of this root drunk as an emetic, which has relieved pituitous asthma more than by any other means. It should be much used in diet by per­sons of phlegmatic habits, especially if afflicted with dropsy.

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