Humulus Lupulus. This plant is well known, and requires no description. It is cultivated, and also grows wild.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Hops:

Hops are used to impart a bitter flavour to ale and beer. The bitter principle is tonic, the aromatic warm and stimulating; they are also astringent and slightly anodyne. A pillow stuffed with hops has been found to promote sleep, and a fomentation to allay the pain and irritation of angry tumours. A teaspoonful of the Tincture of Hops will often induce sleep when opium has failed, and without the injurious effects of the drug.

Herophilus Lobbuis says that by a decoction of Hops he has softened the hardest urinary calculi; and Darelius says that half a pint, or more, of the decoction, taken in the morning, expels worms. Dr. Thornton says, the Hop merits regard in consumption, disorders arising from weakness of the primm vim, gout, and especially calculous complaints. They are good to remove obstructions of the liver and spleen, and to cleanse the blood. In cleansing the blood they help to cure scabs, itch, ring-worms, and spreading sores. A bread poultice well saturated with strong Hop decoction, is a powerful remedy for bad ulcers. Half a drachm of the seed in powder taken in drink, destroys worms. A syrup made of the juice and sugar, cures the yellow jaundice, and tempers the heat of the liver and stomach. Hops heated in a flannel bag, are a common remedy for toothache, and neuralgic pains. The Tincture is made by macerating for eight or nine days six or seven ounces of Hops in two pints of proof spirit. Begin with half a drachm.

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