Gratiola Officinalis. There are several kinds of this plant; the first is Italian, and cultivated in gardens. Two or three sorts grow wild. The first is a smooth, low plant, not a foot high, very bitter in taste, with many square stalks, diversly branched from the bottom to the top, with several joints, and two small leaves at each joint, broader at the bottom than they are at the end, and full of veins. The flowers stand at the joints, of a fair purple colour, with white spots, like those of dead nettles. The seed is small and yellow, and the roots spread much under ground.

The second seldom grows half a foot high, sending up many small branches, whereon grow many small leaves, set one against the other, somewhat broad, but very short. The flow­ers are like the flowers of the other in fashion, but of a pale reddish colour. The seeds are small and yellowish. They grow in wet low grounds, and by the water sides. They flower in June and July.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Hedge Hyssop:

They are violent purgatives especially of choler and phlegm. They assist in the cure of dropsy, gout, and sciatica, outwardly used in ointments; they kill worms, and are good to cleanse old ulcers. The best mode to use them is :—put 2 drachms of the fresh leaves, into 6 ounces of boiling water, and let it stand 12 hours, and then add 6 blanched almonds, and 1 ounce of syrup of violets. A tablespoonful to he taken every hour, until it vomits or purges.
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