Cruciata. It is so called from the situation of its leaves. Common Crosswort has square hairy brown stalks, a little above a foot high, having four small broad and pointed, hairy, green leaves growing at every joint, each against other cross- way. Towards the tops of the stalks at the joints, with the leaves in three or four rows downwards, stand small, pale, yellow flowers. The root is very small and full of fibres. It grows in moist grounds, and meadows. It flowers from May all the Summer long.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Crosswort:

This is a very good wound herb, and is used inwardly, not only to stay bleeding of wounds, but to consolidate them, as it outwardly does any green wound, which it quickly healeth. The decoction of the herb in wine, raises phlegm from the chest, and is good for obstructions in the breast, stomach, or bowels, and it rectifies a decayed appetite. It is also good to wash any wound or sore with, to cleanse and heal it. The herb bruised and boiled, applied outwardly, and renewing it often; and in the mean time the decoction of the herb in wine taken inwardly every day, certainly cures rupture, if it be not too inveterate; but very speedily if it be fresh and of late occurence. It is a good remedy for fever, rheumatism and dropsy.
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