Corallium Herba. It is also called Tooth-wort, Tooth Violet, Dog Teeth Violet, and Dentaria. This plant shoots forth one or two winged leaves, upon long brownish footstalks, which are doubled down at their first coming out of the ground; when they are fully opened, they consist of seven leaves, of a sad green colour, dented about the edges, set on both sides the middle rib one against another, as the leaves of the ash-tree; the stalk has no leaves on the lower half, the upper half bears three or four, each consisting of five leaves, sometimes of three; on the top stand four or five flowers upon short stalks, with long husks; the flowers are very like the flowers of stock-gilliflowers, of a pale purplish colour, consisting of four leaves a piece. The root is smooth, white and shining, creeping, and has various small round knobs set together.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Coralwort:

It cleanses the bladder, and provokes urine, expels gravel and the stone; it eases pains in the sides and bowels, and is very good for inward wounds, especially such as are made in the breast or lungs. A drachm of the root powdered must be taken every morning in wine. &n ointment made of it is good for wounds and ulcers.
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