Galli Caput. It is also called Red Fitching, and Medico Fitch. It has various weak, rough stalks, drooping, set winged leaves, longer and more pointed than those of lintels, and whitish underneath; from the tops of these stalks arise other slender stalks naked unto the tops, where there grow many small flowers like a spike, of a pale reddish colour, with some blueness among them; after which rise up in their places, round, and somewhat flat heads. It grows under hedges, and in the open fields.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Cock's Head:

It has power to rarify and digest; and therefore the green leaves bruised and used as a plaister, disperse knots, or kernels in the flesh; and if when dry it be taken in wine, it relieves the stranguary; and being anointed with oil, it provoketh sweat. It is a singular food for cattle, to cause them to give much milk, and boiled in ordinary drink it must be useful for nurses.
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