Cerasum Durasinum. This tree is well known.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Cherry Tree:


Cherries, as they are of different tastes, so they are of different qualities; the sweet digest more speedily, but have little nourishment. The acid are more pleasing to a hot stomach, procure appetite to meat, and help to cut tough phlegm, and gross humours; but when they are dried they are more constipating than when they are fresh, being cooling in hot diseases, and grateful to the stomach, they provoke urine. The gum of the Cherry-tree, dissolved in wine, is good for a cold, cough, and hoarseness of the throat; it improves the complexion, and the eye-sight. Cherries improve the appetite, black Cherries bruised with the stones, and dissolved, the water thereof is used to expel wind and the gravel.
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