Nepeta Cataria.—It grows a yard high, and has broad whitish leaves, and white flowers like mint. The stalks are square, whitish, hairy, and erect; the leaves stand two at a joint; they are broadest at the base, and terminate in an obtuse end; they are a little indented at the edges, and of a whitish green on the upper side, and very white underneath. The flowers are small and white; and they grow in spiked clusters, surrounding the stalks at certain distances. The plant has a strong and not very pleasant smell.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Catmint:

Its virtues are considerable. It is a good female medicine; an infusion of it prevents hysteric complaints, vapours, and fits; it is also good to promote the evacuations after child delivery. It is good for pains in the head produced by colds, catarrh, etcetera. A decoction sweetened with sugar, or honey relieves an obstinate cough. The green leaves bruised, and applied to the anus, relieves the piles; the juice made into an ointment has the same effect. The decoction is good for cleansing the head.
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