Croton Eleuteria. The Bark is imported from the Bahama islands, in curled pieces. It has a light agreeable smell, and a moderately bitter taste with some aromatic warmth. When burning, it has a very fragrant smell, like that of musk. It produces a sense of heat, and excites the action of the stomach. It may be advantageously employed in flatulent colics, internal hemorrhages, dysenteries, diarrhoea, etcetera. It is much used among the Germans, as a febrifuge, for stopping agues. In the year 1719, it was of great service in an epidemic dysentery which raged at Paris, and had not yielded to ipecacuanha.

Dr. Lewes, in his New Dispensatory, says that it deserves to be more regarded than it is at present. Dose, from ten grains to half a drachm, or more. Tincture:—Four ounces of the bark powdered; two pints proof spirits; digest with gentle heat seven days, and strain. It is a fine stimulating medicine, and excellent in the gout, or after that disease, to give to the stomach tone and system. Dose, two drachms four times a day in cinnamon water.
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