Daucus Sylvestus. Garden Carrots need no description, but in medicine they are not so efficacious as the wild.

The Wild Carrot grows altogether like the garden but the leaves and stalks are whiter and rougher. The stalks bear large tufts of white flowers, with a deep purple spot in the middle, which arc contracted together when the seed begins to ripen, and the middle part being hollow and the outward stalk rising high, make the whole umbel appear like a bird's nest. The roots small, long, and hard, and unfit for meat, being sharp and strong. The wild kind grows by the field sides, and unfilled places. They flower and seed in the end of Summer.

fresh carrot

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Carrots:

Wild Carrots expel wind, and remove stitches in the sides, promote urine and women's courses, and expel the stone. The seed also has the same effect, and is good for the dropsy, and for expelling wind. The leaves applied with honey cleanse running sores and ulcers. The seeds are anti flatulent, and an excellent diuretic.
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