Thymum Calamintha. It is also called Mountain-mint, it is a useful berb, but requires caution in some cases. It seldom rises above a foot high, with square hairy, and woody stalks, and two small hoary leaves set at a joint, about the size of marjoram, a little dented about the edges, and of a very strong scent. The flowers stand at several spaces of the stalks, from the middle almost upwards, which are small and gaping like those of Mints, and of a pale bluish colour; after which follow small, round blackish seed. The root is small and woody, with fibres spreading the ground. It grows on heaths, and uplands, and dry grounds. It flowers in July, and the seed is ripe soon after.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Calamint:

As a decoction, it is very useful in affections of the brain; for cramps, shortness of breath, colic pains in the stomach, yellow jaundice; and taken in wine, it arrests vomiting. The juice dropped into the ears relieves deafness. It is good for sciatica. A decoction of the leaves and wine, promotes perspiration, and removes obstructions of the liver and spleen. It regulates the flow of the gall, and is serviceable in old coughs.
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