Ruscus Aculeatus. It is sometimes called Kneeholm, Kneeholy, and Pettigree.

The stalks are thick, whitish, and short, somewhat like those of Asparagus, but a foot and a half high, spread into divers branches, green, round, tough, flexible and crossed, having broad and almost round hard leaves and prickly, pointed at the end, of a dark green colour, two at a place close together.

The flowers are small, and whitish green, and grow in a singular manner upon the backs of the leaves; they are succeeded by a small round berry, red when it is ripe, about the size of a pea. The root is thick, white, and great. It grows in copses, and upon heaths and waste grounds, and under or near the holly bushes. It shoots forth its buds in the Spring, and the berries are ripe in September, the leaves are green all the winter.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Butcher's Broom:

The root is the part used, and it is an excellent deobstruent. It works powerfully by urine, and is good in the jaundice, in gravel, and female obstructions. As such it was recommended by Dioscorides and other ancient physicians. In scrofulous tumours, great advantage has been realized by administering the root in doses of a drachm, every morning. The decoction sweetened with honey, clears the chest of phlegm, and relieves difficult breathing. A conserve made of the berries is a remedy for gonorrhea and scalding urine.
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