Brook Lime (also known as Water Pimpernel)
Brook Lime (also known as Water Pimpernel)


Veronica Becabunga. This is one of those neglected vegetables which might occasionally be used for culinary purposes, particularly as a salad. It has a creeping white root, shooting forth strings at every joint, as it runs, divers and sundry green stalks, round and sappy, with some branches on them, somewhat broad, round, deep green and thick leaves, set by couples thereon; from the bottom whereof shoot forth long footstalks, with small beautiful sky-blue flowers on them, consisting of five small round pointed leaves a-piece. It grows in small standing waters, and usually near water tresses. It flowers in June and July.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Brook Lime:

It is a hot and biting plant. Brook-lime and water tresses are generally used together in diet-drink, with other things serving to purge the blood and body from all humours destructive to health, and are good for diseases of the bladder, and help to break the stone, and pass it away. The plant is useful in removing female obstructions. It is of itself a good scorbutic medicine. Dioscorides states that its leaves drunk in wine relieve the strangury, and diseases of the bladder. It operates gently by urine, and is a great purifier of the blood.
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